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Starting any kind of insurance business from scratch is difficult! We are here to help you succeed using the latest SEO techinuques!
Our internet marketing company has experience working with startups and established agencies throughout the world. Being a small business owner and knowing how to market your business is essential for your business to grow.

Do you have a marketing plan in place to stay ahead of the competition?

Fewer and fewer customers are simply just walking into brick and mortar businesses asking about their products or services.
Nowadays over 90% of your customers are searching online before deciding on who they want to do business with.
Let us help you win over more clients by getting your insurance business noticed! Use the contact form below now and ask about our SEO and Social Media services for all kinds of insurance businesses.

SEO for Local Insurance Agencies and Brokers

For insurance agents, SEO is essential, and we can help with this. Small insurance agencies struggle to rank high on Google search and compete with other local agencies and national brands. Companies like Allstate, Geico, State Farm, and Progressive out-spend most smaller agencies on SEO and marketing services, so you may think it’s impossible to use SEO to increase your business but it’s not.

Insurance searches are highly competitive online. Your competitors want ALL your customers and if they rank high enough? They may succeed.
But you can hire an expert to provide organic leads to come in from SEO to your website if it’s done properly (Remember, Content is KING in the SEO business).
It does take time and specific expertise from a professional.

SEO is a highly technical skill that takes years to master.

There are dozens of elements that lead to good practices for SEO. Content. Images. Alt text. Metadata. Website Optimization. Perhaps you have heard these terms before?
These are the essential elements of SEO combined in a very delicate balance to get high rankings in search engines for your niche and ultimately provide you with clients.
Our highly trained technical staff fine-tunes your online presence to produce results that will last months and sometimes years.

How much time does SEO take?

Sometimes you can get near-instant results that will take off quickly. But to see real solid results, expect to make at least a 1-year commitment to an online SEO plan.
This is the average time needed for a strategic SEO plan for insurance agencies, 1 year. Some less competitive insurance industries may get results in as little as 2-4 months.

Insurance SEO is different from many other markets. The industry is more competitive.

So is SEO worth it? YES!!! Absolutely! Over this time your website will bring in more and more inquiries and sales. So let’s get your phone ringing off the hook using SEO!

Contact us below to get started, you’ll be glad you did 🙂